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Chinese New Year Gift - Year of the Rabbit

year of the rabbit imageThe Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. The Chinese New Year is on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, so it is also called the Lunar New Year. And it is also referred to as the Spring Festival since it marks the beginning of the Spring term, which is the first term of the 24 terms on the Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year for 2011 is on 2/3/2011 and it is the Year of the Rabbit.

One of the important things for the Chinese New Year is gift giving during the new year. The items we created here are highly personalized so they are more meaningful and unique as gifts for the Chinese New Year.

T-shirts, Baseball Jersey, Hoodie ...

chinese bangle Features a Chinese papercut lucky rabbit and the Chinese characters for the year of rabbit with blessing, happiness and joy. Find the Rabbit jersey, shorts, calendar, t-shirts, cards, hoodie, sweatshirts, bags, teddy bear and more.



Sterling Silver Pendant, Bangle, Bracelet, Slide

chinese bangle Personalize the sterling silver jewelry with a name or words. We will translate your name or words to Chinese characters for Free. It could be a unique gift for your loved ones.

Personalized Pendant

Heart pendantIt’s time for permanent, personalized gifts and keepsakes. We have carefully created a small collection of pendants and tags here, on which you can have your images, words or names permanently captured, such as the Chinese character for Rat. Check them out...

Get Your Personal Stamp

chinese stampChinese stamps are unique in Chinese culture, which not only have practical functions, but also are works of art themselves and an indispensable part of Chinese painting, calligraphy or your artwork. Read more...

Personal Name or Words for Framing

chinese framable imageWe provide high-resolution images for your name or words, such as Gong Xi Fa Cai (Congratulations and be prosperous). You can just print the one you like, then frame it. They are also perfect for a digital frame. Read more...

Jr. Raglan with Chinese Characters

jr raglan chinese nameThis is a new item we offer now. It looks great with a name in Chinese or Chinese characters for a word. We also have t-shirts, teddy bear, cap and ornament in Chinese. They are unique for the Chinese New Year. More info here.

Chinese Lucky Symbols

There are many traditional auspicious patterns or symbols in Chinese culture. The lucky patterns are widely used in Chinese New Year Pictures to express people's desires for a lucky and happy new year. Read more...

Double Happiness Symbol

most popular english phrasesThe Chinese symbol for Double Happiness is indispensable for Chinese weddings. A large Chinese character, Double Happiness, on a red piece of paper or in paper cut is always put where it must strike the eyes on a young couple's wedding. Check it out...

Chinese New Year Greeting

A list of Chinese greetings often used for Chinese new year and other occasions. Click here

Double Blessing Comes to Your Door

blessing wood hangingThis hand-carved wood hanging features the Chinese characters for 'Double Blessing Comes to Your Door'. The two axes symbolize double blessing in Chinese culture. Check it out...

Birthday Stamp with Animal Sign - Rabbit

blessing wood hangingThe Chinese birthday stamp (chop) with Chinese animal sign Ox is perfect as a gift for one's birthday. You can customize the name and address on the stamp or have your own words on it instead of the address.


Chinese New Year 2010 - Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year 2009 - Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year 2008 - Year of the Rat

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