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Personalized Beauty pendant with cubic

Chinese heart cubic pendant This cubic pendant features the Chinese character for Beauty on it. This could be a great gift for girls. You can personalize the pendant on its backside. The pendant is about the size of a quarter coin (23X20.5 mm). The color of the pendant can be either gold or silver.

The price of the heart pendant is $24.99 ($29.99 with text on the backside) with free standard shipping in the United States. The order will be shipped in 1-2 business days (usually in 24 hours).

Please follow the easy steps below to order your personalized heart pendant:

1, Select the color of the pendant:
Gold (Gold plated)  
Silver (Nickel plated)   

2, Choose a necklace for the pendant
The color of the necklace will be matched to the pendant, ie, gold to gold.

 FREE 30" Sausage Chain   
 Diamond-cut dainty necklace, 20", 1mm, $(+2)
 Versace Necklace, 30", 2.5mm, $(+5)

Click the image
to see a large

3, Text on the backside of the pendant (optional)?
(You can have some words on the backside of the pendant, such as a date or a name. Please keep it short since the pendant is small. The backside text will be in English unless instructed differently.)

Yes, text on the backside, $(+5)  
No text on the backside  
If Yes, enter the text:

4, Instruction or comment (optional):

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