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Most Popular English Phrases in Chinese

We have compiled a list of 100 most popular English phrases or sayings into Chinese characters (or Chinese symbols) in a package. Here is the list:

hopealways and forever; amazing grace; angels watch over me; beautiful world; beauty is in the eye of the beholder; be kind to each other and love each other; believe in yourself; best friend; black rose; body mind soul; body mind spirit; broken hearted; daddy's little girl; dare to dream; dark angel; dark soul; day dreamer; death is only the beginning; doing the impossible; don't fear death; dragon slayer; dreams do come true; eternal friendship; eternal life; eternal love; everything has beauty but not everyone sees it; family name; father and daughter; father and mother; father and son; fire fighter; first son; five elements; follow your heart; forever family; forever friends; forever sisters; free spirit; good health; good luck; guardian angel; happy birthday; happy house; happy new year; heart of gold; honest faith love; hopeless romantic; hope makes you live; I love you; in memory of father; inner peace; inner strength; leave me alone; life goes on; life is change; life over death; little angel; live life to its fullest; live simply; live the dream; live the moment; long life; lotus flower; love begets love; love hurts; love is blind; love is without reason; love life; love you forever; love yourself; loyalty for loyalty; make love; mother and daughter; mother and son; my world; never forget you; never give up; new beginnings; our hearts are forever tied; peace of mind; seize the day; self belief; shy girl; skys the limit; soul mate; soul sister; spiritual growth; strength of spirit; strong hearted; thank you; the one; think without thinking; to live is to love; to win you have to used to lose; true love; true love waits; trust me; trust no one; what we do in life echoes ineternity; whether you like it or not.

All the Chinese characters are in images (png/gif, 300 dpi). Both the traditional and simplified forms of the Chinese characters are included. And the Chinese characters are in six different styles. View samples of the Chinese characters.

This package is intended for personal uses. If you need the Chinese characters for business uses, please order the business package (large images in 600 dpi).

Please order the package below. The price will be about $300 if you order each phrase separately. It is an excellent value.


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