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Top 100 English Words in Chinese for Business

We have compiled a list of 107 most popular English words into Chinese characters (or Chinese symbols) in a package. Here is the list:

hopeair; always; ambition; angel; art; baby; balance; bear; beautiful; beauty; believe; boy; breathe; brother; brotherhood; butterfly; change; chaos; children; commitment; compassion; confidence; courage; crisis; dance; daughter; desire; destiny; determination; devotion; discipline; dog; dragon; dream; dreamer; earth; enjoy; eternity; faith; family; father; fire; forever; forgiveness; freedom; friend; friendship; grace; grandfather; grandmother; happiness; harmony; heart; heaven; honesty; honor; hope; horse; independence; integrity; joy; karma; knowledge; laugh; life; live; love; lover; loyalty; luck; monkey; moon; mother; music; panda; passion; patience; peace; phoenix; power; pride; princess; prosperity; rabbit; rat; respect; serenity; sister; son; soul; spirit; strength; strong; success; sun; tattoo; tiger; together; tranquility; trust; truth; warrior; water; wealth; welcome; wisdom; zen

All the Chinese characters are in extra large images (png/gif, 600 dpi). Both the traditional and simplified forms of the Chinese characters are included. And the Chinese characters are in six different styles. View sample styles of the Chinese characters.

This package is intended for business uses. The image sizes are about 50 times of those for personal uses.

Please order the package below. It is an excellent value.


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