Chinese characters

martial arts stamp - dojo certificate stamp
Dojo Certificate Stamp
Print size: 1.5"x1.5"

martial arts master stamp
Martial Arts Master Stamp
Print size: 1.5"x1.5"

martial arts master stamp
Round Certificate Stamp with Logo
Print size: 1.5"x1.5"

dojo security chop
Dojo Security Stamp
Print size: 0.7"x1.9"

personal stamp chop    personal stamp
Two Personal Name Stamps
(one Yang and one Yin)
Print size: 5/8"x5/8"
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chinese chop
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Chinese Stamp Art

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Martial Arts Stamps

The Complete Solution for Your Dojo Certificates

Need Chinese stamps for your business, organization, association or your name? The large high quality martial arts stamps with Chinese characters (also known as Kanji or Hanja) we offer are just right for your karate or martial arts Dojo. The stamps will not only make your certificates or awards more authentic, but also liven them up and have a personal touch to them.

We provides two options to serve your different needs below. You can purchase the martial arts stamps through either the stamp packages or individual stamps.

Martial Arts Stamp Package

Basic Martial Arts Stamp Package -- Essential
Includes one master stamp, one certificate stamp and one security stamp.

Complete Martial Arts Stamp Package -- Best value
Includes one master stamp, one certificate stamp, one security stamp, and two personal stamps.

Individual Stamp

Martial Arts Master Stamp -- a must for dojo certificate

Martial Arts Certificate Stamp -- a must for dojo certificate

Martial Arts Security Stamp (two designs)

Dragon Master Stamp

Personal Name Stamp

Grand Master Stamp -- If you only need One Stamp, this is!

Certificate Stamp with Logo (recommended) -- unique and a better solution for your certificate (Exclusively by Csymbol)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We feature a lifetime replacement program. If there is anything wrong with the stamp at any time, you will get a replacement at 50% off.

Stamp Specifications and Features (pre-inked)
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The Art of Chinese Chop (Seal Carving)
Shaolin Temple and Martial Arts
Qigong, the Ancient Art for Health
Traditional Chinese Stone Chop -- Stone chops
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