Chinese characters
Seal Script
chinese stamp square yang
Style 1 - Square Yang, Seal Script
chinese stamp square yin
Style 2 - Square Yin, Seal Script
chinese stamp square round
Style 3 - Round Yang, Seal Script
chinese stamp round yin
Style 4 - Round Yin, Seal Script
wedding stamp
Style 5 - Square Yang, Seal Script, Wide Frame
Standard Script
chinese stamp square yang
Style 6 - Square Yang, Standard Script
chinese stamp square yin
Style 7 - Square Yin, Standard Script
chinese stamp square round
Style 8 - Round Yang, Standard Script
chinese stamp round yin
Style 9 - Round Yin, Standard Script
personal stamp style 10
Style 10 - Square Yang, Standard Script, Wide Frame

Print Size:
Small (.6"x.6"),
Medium (.7"x.7"),
Large (1.1"x1.1")
Extra Large (1.5"x1.5")

Pre-inked and easy to use

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Small or Medium: $48
Large: $58
Extra Large: $68
Free Standard Shipping in US

Chop Image
chinese chop
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Personal Chinese Stamp (Chop)

We are trying to personalize the Chinese chop with your interests in mind if possible so please give us some information about yourself when ordering your Chinese stamp below. The Chinese chop (or Chinese seal) is perfect for your artwork, calligraphy, or painting, especially water color painting. The print quality of the pre-inked chop is much better than the traditional stone chop.

We currently offer two Chinese scripts for the stamp, Seal Script and Standard Script. For each script, there are two shapes (square and round) and two carving styles (Yin and Yang) so there are 4 styles for each script See the styles on the left.

The seal script is better for marking your artwork, such as painting or books. It is more artistic and abstract. The standard script is better for stamps with practical functions, such as an official stamp. You can of course get both to serve your different purposes. See the left column for examples of the two scripts.

We offer four sizes of the stamp, i.e., small (print size: .6"x.6"), medium (print size: .7"x.7"), large (print size: 1.1"x1.1"), and extra large (print size: 1.5 "x1.5").

The price is $48 for the small/medium chop, $58 for the large chop, and $68 for the extra large chop. There is no extra charge for translation. We provide free standard shipping in the United States. The order will be shipped in 1-3 days (usually in 24 hours).

Order your personal chop:

1, Enter the text (a name or a phrase) for your chop:

If you have the text in image already, please email it to us.

2, Choose one of the following:
    Female Name    Male Name    Short Phrase

3, Please select the style of the chop (see the styles on the left):

4, Please select the size of the chop:

In general, the small chop is recommended for a first or last name, the large chop is for a full name (first & last name), and the extra large chop is for a long full name. But you can certainly choose a large chop even the name only has two characters.

5, Select the color of the stamp:
     Red    Blue    Green    Black

We do recommend the red color for the stamp. Red is not only the color for stamps mostly used by the Chinese, but also the lucky color for Chinese people.

6, Meanings and sound files of the Chinese characters:
      Meanings and sound files $(+25) (optional)

Recommended if you want to have the detailed meanings and sound files for the Chinese characters on the stamp.

7, Stamp image files of the Chinese characters:
     High resolution image files $(+39) (optional)

Recommended if you need high quality image files of the stamp for your documents, cards or website. The images will be in tif (600 dpi) and png. They will be downloadable when ready.

8, Description of the name or phrase (optional):

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High Resolution Stamp Digital Image Only
If you need the image only, order it here.

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