Chinese characters

chinese chop style 1 chinese chop style 1a
small large
Style 1 - Square Yang

chinese chop style 2 chinese chop style 2a
small large
Style 2 - Square Yin

chinese chop style 3 chinese chop style 3a
small large
Style 3 - Round Yang

chinese chop style 4 chinese chop style 4a
small large
Style 4 - Round Yin


Pre-inked and easy to use
Chinese ancient seal script
Color: red


Small: $48
Large: $58
Extra Large: $68
Free Standard Shipping in US

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Chinese Chop with English

If you are looking for a Chinese chop with both Chinese and English, this is the page for you. The Chinese chops are in four styles and three sizes, e.g., small (print size: 0.7"x0.7"), large (1.1"x1.1) and extra large (1.5"x1.5). See the styles on the left (the extra large chop is not shown). The Chinese characters on the chops are in beautiful ancient seal script.

The price is $48 for the small Chinese chop, $58 for the large chop and $68 for the extra large chop. There is no extra charge for translation. We provide free standard shipping in the United States for the personal chops. It will be shipped in 1-3 days (usually in 24 hours).

Order your personal chop:

1, Enter the name or words for the chop in English, Chinese or both:

(If you have the Chinese characters in image already, please send them via email after ordered. Just write 'will send' in the box.

2, Gender of the name for a name chop:
    Female Name    Male Name   

3, Please select the style of the chop:

4, Please select the size of the chop:

In general, the small chop is recommended for a short first or last name, the large chop is for a full name (first & last name), and the extra large chop is for a long full name. But you can certainly choose a large chop even the name only has two characters.

5, Meanings and sound files of the Chinese characters:
      Meanings and sound files $(+25)  (optional)

Recommended if you want to have the detailed meanings and sound files for the Chinese characters on the stamp.

6, Stamp image files of the Chinese characters:
      High resolution image files $(+39)  (optional) 

Recommended if you need high quality image files of the stamp for your documents, cards or website. The images will be in tif (600 dpi) and png. They will be downloadable when ready.

7, Description of the name or phrase (optional):

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