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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important to have your email for us to contact you in case we have questions about your order, especially for stamps or t-shirts. You should get an email from us after you send your order. If you have not got one, there might be a problem with your email and please Contact Us asap.

1, Shipping questions, please check it out here.

2, How to Download the Items Ordered?

Please let us know by email as soon as possible if you have any problem downloading the items ordered. Also check out How to Download the Items Ordered.

3, What is included in an order?

For each item (such as a name) in an order, you will get a zip file (can be downloaded). There are six styles of the Chinese characters (or more for some names) included in each zip file. They are in both the simplified form and the traditional form if available. There should be at least 11 image files (10 PNG files and 1 GIF file) included in each zip file. Thus you have more choices included and just pick the one you would like to use. See the Sample Symbols for more detail.

4, What is the file format?

After you send your order, you will be able to download a zip file for each item right away, or you may download it later if you wish. The zip file includes all the Chinese characters for the name, or the English word you ordered. The Chinese characters are in PNG and/or GIF. For more info, see Help section.

5, What do I do if a name or a word not on your site?

Please double check the lists to make sure it is not on the lists. If it is indeed not on the lists, you may order it using the Special Order. We will translate it for you and send it to you via email within 48 hours.

6, Can I get refund for my order?

Usually we don't offer a refund for a downloadable order. But if something is wrong with the order, we will certainly do our best to correct it. Just send us an email about it. For non-downloadable order, if you are not satisfied with it for any reason, just send it back within 30 days for a full refund. Check out our shipping info.

7, How do I read the name or the characters?

Always read them from left to right. It is the same as you read English.

8, Japanese Kanji or Chinese characters?

Japanese Kanji are originally from China, so most of them are the same as their corresponding Chinese characters, but Japanese Kanji only contain a small collection of Chinese characters. There are a lot more Chinese characters not included in Japanese Kanji. Kanji actually means "Chinese characters." Kanji are used less and less now in Japan. You don't see a lot of Kanji in modern Japanese books anymore.

9, Need help with the downloaded zip file?

See the Help section.

10, What are the styles of the Chinese characters?

Here are the styles for the Chinese characters. The top ones are in the simplified form and the bottom ones are in the traditional form. See the Sample Symbols for more info.
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11, Questions about Chinese names?

12, Chinese Name Culture

13, Chinese Alphabet

14, Chinese Radicals

15, Chinese Pinyin

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