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There are many traditional auspicious patterns or symbols in Chinese culture. They have been condensed from people's daily life over China's long history. The lucky patterns are widely used in Chinese New Year Pictures to express people's desires for a lucky and happy new year. You can also find the auspicious patterns in Chinese folk arts and paintings.

chinese lucky symbolThe auspicious patterns or symbols usually consist of birds, flowers, animals, people, the sun, clouds, Chinese characters, etc. There are some basic methods to create the lucky patterns, such as through analogy, metaphor, homophony, symbolizing, and implied meanings, etc. For example, the Chinese character for 'vase' sounds the same as the character for 'peace' in Chinese, so a vase is often used to symbolize 'peace' in Chinese patterns. The principle for creating a lucky pattern is the symbols should not only look good, but also be meaningful, and understandable.

We have a collection of the Chinese auspicious patterns here and more will be added. Hopefully you like them.

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  2. As One Wishes
  3. 100 Longevity Characters
  4. 100 Blessing Characters
  5. Double Happiness
  6. Double Happiness Sticker

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