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Chinese Idiom (Proverb or Word)

There are a great number of Chinese idioms or proverbs condensed over China's long history. Chinese proverbs are mostly based on Chinese poems, literature, some historic events and stories so they are full of Chinese wisdom and life, and are an important part of Chinese culture. We will try to provide you as many of the Chinese proverbs as possible here and new idioms will be added weekly. In addition, we have also included some useful Chinese words in the dictionary.

The Chinese proverbs here are indexed by both Chinese pinyin and English keyword, but the English keyword is only used for the index. It is not intended to represent the full meaning of a Chinese proverb (idiom).

Here are the styles for the Chinese characters. The top ones are in the simplified form and the bottom ones are in the traditional form. See the Sample Symbols for more info.
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