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Chinese Business Name

To get a good Chinese business or brand name is critical for your business in the fast-growing China market and the Asian market in large. A good Chinese business name is not a simple translation of your business name. It has to be not only sound good in Chinese, but more importantly meaningful with your business and well mingled with Chinese culture.

We provide a whole package to help you with the translation of your business or brand name. The translation is an interactive process. We need to know your business first, then we give you our suggestion or plan for the translation, and finally get your feedback. In addition, we also provide evaluation and consulting of a name.

Here is the complete package for the translation of a business or brand name, a logo or a website:

Order the Chinese business name package - $289

1, Please enter the text to be translated:

2, Please enter the URL of your website if you have one:

3, Describe your business briefly:

4, Optional

 Consulting with Chinese culture and China for a year $(+199)   

This is a great value if you have questions about China and Chinese culture.

 Personal Stamp $(+48)
 Large Business Stamp $(+89)

A stamp with your Chinese business name is handy and use it to show your appreciation of Chinese culture. More info about the stamp here.