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Personalized Love pendant with cubic

Chinese heart cubic pendant This cubic pendant features the Chinese character for Love on it. The pendant, especially designed for Valentine's Day, is perfect for your loved ones. You can personalize the pendant on its backside. It is about the size of a quarter coin (23X20.5 mm). The color of the pendant can be either gold or silver.

The price of the heart pendant is $24.99 ($29.99 with text on the backside) with free standard shipping in the United States. The order will be shipped in 1-2 business days (usually in 24 hours).

Please follow the easy steps below to order your personalized heart pendant:

1, Select the color of the Love pendant:
Gold (Gold plated)  
Silver (Nickel plated)   

2, Choose a necklace for the pendant
The color of the necklace will be matched to the pendant, ie, gold to gold.

 FREE 30" Sausage Chain   
 Diamond-cut dainty necklace, 20", 1mm, $(+2)
 Versace Necklace, 30", 2.5mm, $(+5)

Click the image
to see a large

3, Text on the backside of the pendant (optional)?
(You can have some words on the backside of the pendant, such as a date or a name. Please keep it short since the pendant is small. The backside text will be in English unless instructed differently.)

Yes, text on the backside, $(+5)  
No text on the backside  
If Yes, enter the text:

4, Instruction or comment (optional):

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