Chinese characters


Sterling Silver 18mm Square Slide

The square slide is specially designed to make it look like a Chinese seal chop (or stamp). The characters on the slide are in Chinese ancient seal script. It could be a wonderful gift for anyone, especially artists and martial arts masters.

You can either personalize the sterling silver square slide with a name (a word) or choose one of the designs we already have below.

chinese slide

  1. Chinese Four Principles Square Slide -- features the four Chinese characters for pure, prudent, diligent and endure.

  2. Double Happiness Slide -- features the Chinese symbol for Double Happiness, the must for Chinese weddings.

  3. Blessing, Prosperity, Longevity and Happiness Slide -- features the most lucky Chinese characters.

  4. Happiness and Longevity Slide -- features the Chinese characters for happiness and longevity.

  5. Health and Happiness Slide -- features the Chinese characters for good health and happiness.

  6. Chinese Kungfu Power Slide -- features the Chinese symbols for Kungfu and power.

  7. Personalized Square Slide -- You can personalize the slide with a name or a word.


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