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Chinese Seal Ink - Bright 30

The Chinese seal ink is for Chinese Stone Chops. The pre-inked chops we provide do not need the seal ink pad.

This seal ink is in bright red color. Bright 30 has a smaller container compared with Bright 60. You may want to get a few different color ink pads so you can choose the color you like for a particular artwork.

The seal ink is contained in a dragon porcelain container (the best container for seal ink) and packed in a nice gift box so it could be a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves Chinese culture.

All the seal ink pads we provide are the highest quality seal ink pads from China. They are specially made for paintings or artworks, not the cheap ones for general office use.

Chinese seal ink pad - bright 30

Code: INKB30
Color: Red
Ink quantity: 30 g (1 oz)
Size: 2 5/8" (outside), 2" (inside)


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