Chinese characters
chinese stamp square yang
Stone chop
size: ~2.5x2.5x8cm (1"x1"x3")

chinese stamp square yin
Free gift box, no ink pad
Box size: 4"x3"x1.4"

chinese stamp square yin
Dragon gift box with seal ink pad
Box size: 5.4"x4.2"x1.7"
Pad diameter: 2" (inner)

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Chinese Seal Chop - Dragon (Medium 1")

The Chinese stone chop features a dragon carved on the top. The chop is about 2.5x2.5x8 cm (~1"x1"x3"). We will translate your name (first name, last name or your full name) into Chinese characters and then carve the Chinese name on the chop. The chop is a highly personalized item so no return please unless there is an error on our part.

The package includes a green seal chop and a free green gift box (see the pictures on the left). If you need a red seal ink pad, please get the yellow dragon gift box. The red ink is contained in a dragon porcelain container (inner diameter 2"). This could be a very nice personalized gift for anyone who loves Chinese culture.

Order your stone chop:

1, Enter the text (a name or a phrase) for your chop:

If you have the text in image already, please email it to us.
You can also write Chinese into the box above.

2, Side text (optional):
     No side text
     Carver's name and carving date in Chinese $(+10)
     Your own words in either Chinese or English $(+10):

Traditionally the side text includes a short sentence, the carver's name and the carving date, but you can put anyting on it as you wish. The side text will be carved on one of the four long sides of the chop.

3, Choose one of the following:
     Female Name    Male Name    Short Phrase

4, Choosee the font style:
     Ancient Seal Script -- recommended   
     Standard Script   

5, Choose the carving style:
     Yang (the Chinese characters in Red)   
     Yin (the Chinese characters in White)

6, Choose the gift box (see the boxes on the left):
     Free gift box, no ink pad, 4"x3"x1.4"
     Dragon gift box with a red seal ink pad, 5.4"x4.2"x1.7" (add $12)

7, Description of the name or phrase (optional):


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