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Frameable Chinese Characters for a Phrase

chinese name heartIf you want to get a large image of a word or a phrase for framing or your documents, this is the page for you. We provide six different designs for the frameable Chinese characters, which are designed to be printed on a copy paper of 8.5 x 11 inches. You may also use the high resolution images (600 dpi) for your own design. Click here to see an example of the designs (in reduced size). The area of the frameable image is about 50 times of the regular image (300 dpi).

In addition, the Chinese characters for the phrase will be in six different scripts (see examples here). The images of the Chinese characters will be in the png format. If you need tif images, let us know.

We will send you the URL for downloading the images of the Chinese characters you ordered in two days so please make sure double-check your email address entered on the Billing Information page.

Please follow the easy steps below to order it.

1, Please enter the word or phrase to be translated:

Please check one of the boxes:
With 1 to 5 words ($29)  
With 6 to 10 words ($39)  

Description of the word or phrase and/or instruction:

2, Enter the English text you want to appear on the image:

This text in English will appear on the image beneath the Chinese characters. It can be anything you want as long as it can fit in the space.

3, Choose the design (click a picture to see a large image):

chinese name plain chinese name plain chinese name plain chinese name plain chinese name plain chinese name plain
Design 0
Design 1
      S Shape
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4
Design 5

4, Meanings and sound files of the Chinese characters:
Recommended if you want to have the detailed meanings and sound files for the Chinese characters.

 Meanings and sound files $(+25)  (optional) 

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