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Style 2
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Style 3
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Style 4

Print Size:
Small (.7"x.7"),
Large (1.1"x1.1")
Extra Large (1.5"x1.5")

Pre-inked and easy to use


Small: $48
Large: $58
Extra Large: $68
Free Standard Shipping in US

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The Chinese wedding stamp (or chop) is exclusively designed for your wedding invitations. The wedding stamp will liven your invitation cards up and make them unique.

The text on the stamp can be either the names of a couple or a few blessing words. The sample text on Style 1 & 2 means 'Chen and Liu get married.' The text on Style 3 & 4 means literally 'with happiness and complete satisfaction.'

We offer three sizes of the stamp, i.e., small (print size: .7"x.7"), large (print size: 1.1"x1.1"), and extra large (print size: 1.5 "x1.5"). The price is $48 for the small chop, $58 for the large chop, and $68 for the extra large chop. There is no extra charge for translation. We provide free standard shipping in the United States. The order will be shipped in 1-3 days (usually in 24 hours).

Order your wedding chop:

1, Enter the text for your wedding chop:

You can enter either English or Chinese in the box. If you have the text in image already, please email it to us.

2, Please select the style of the chop (see the styles on the left):

3, Please choose the size of the chop:

4, Meanings and sound files of the Chinese characters:
      Meanings and sound files $(+25) (optional)

Recommended if you want to have the detailed meanings and sound files for the Chinese characters on the stamp.

5, Image files of the stamp:
     High resolution image files $(+39) (optional)

Recommended if you need high quality image files of the stamp for your documents, cards or website. The images will be in tif (600 dpi) and png. They will be downloadable when ready.

6, Description or Comment (optional):



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