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Black Cap with Chinese Characters

chinese black cap name charactersYou can now get a Black Cap with your name in Chinese or Chinese characters for a word (phrase). It's a unique gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, or any occasion you dream up. You won't find it in a store.

It is $25.59 (free standard shipping included).
Will ship in 3 business days.

Please follow the easy steps below to order it.

1, Enter the text for the cap in English or Chinese:

If you have the name in image already, please email it to us.

2, Select one:
Word or Phrase    Female Name    Male Name    Last Name   

3, Have the English text on the cap?
Yes    No

4, Meanings and sound files of the Chinese characters:
Recommended if you want to have the detailed meanings and sound files for the Chinese characters.

 Meanings and sound files ($+25)  (optional) 

5, Comments and instruction (optional):

Product Information

Top it off in our structured black cap made of sturdy, durable brushed canvas. 100% cotton breathes for year-round comfort. Adjustable closure with a low profile crown. Images are permanently adhered with a sturdy patch. Look cool on bad hair days or when shading your eyes from the sun. One size fits most. It will be fulfilled from our Chinese Culture Store with CafePress.

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