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Gifts with Your Name in Chinese

You can now get gifts with a name in Chinese or Chinese characters for a word (phrase). They are unique for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or any occasion you dream up.

Please note they are highly personalized gifts. For each item ordered, we will need to translate it for you (it could be a large fee just for the translation). Then we need to design it, and print/ship* it individually. It is a quite complicated process so you know it will cost a little extra, but very reasonable. It is truly a unique gift and you won't find it in a store.

dogtag pendant chinese t-shirt name characters infant t-shirt chinese name
Personalized Pendants T-Shirt with Your Name in Chinese Infant/Toddler T-Shirt with Chinese characters
Chinese ornament characters chinese kids t-shirt teddy bear chinese characters
Ornament with Chinese characters Kids Light T-Shirt with Chinese characters Teddy Bear with Chinese name
chinese Jr. Raglan name chinese black cap name beijing olympic games
Jr. Raglan with Your Name in Chinese characters Black Cap with Your Name in Chinese characters 2008 Beijing Olympics

* Printing and shipping will be fulfilled from our Chinese Culture Store with CafePress.

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