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Kids T-Shirt with Chinese Characters

chinese kids t-shirtYou can now get a Kids T-Shirt with a name in Chinese or Chinese characters for a word (phrase). It's a unique gift for birthdays, or any occasion you dream up. You won't find it in a store.

The kids t-shirt is in different colors and sizes. The English name or word on the t-shirt is optional and the beautiful Chinese characters on the t-shirt can be either vertical or horizontal.

It is $25.59 (free standard shipping included).
Will ship in 3 business days.

Please follow the easy steps below to order it.

1, Please enter the text either in English or Chinese:

If you have the Chinese characters in image already, please email it to us.

2, Select one:
Word or Phrase    Female Name    Male Name    Last Name   

3, Have the English text on the t-shirt?
Yes    No

4, Choose the size:
  Size Chart

5, Choose the color (click a color to see a large image of the t-shirt):

kids t-shirt white kids t-shirt ash grey
White Ash Grey

6, Select the orientation of the Chinese characters (see examples here):
Vertical    Horizontal     

7, Meanings and sound files of the Chinese characters:
Recommended if you want to have the detailed meanings and sound files for the Chinese characters.

 Meanings and sound files ($+25)  (optional) 

8, Comments and instruction (optional):

Product Information

The high-quality 100% cotton t-shirt is durable and pre-shrunk. The t-shirt will be fulfilled from our Chinese Culture Store with CafePress.

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