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Gifts for Valentine's Day

If you need a gift for Valentine's Day and you need something unique, you are in the right place. All the items here are in beautiful Chinese characters and can be personalized as you wish.

Personalized Love Pendant

Heart pendantThis cubic pendant features the Chinese character for Love on it. The pendant, especially designed for Valentine's Day, is perfect for your loved ones. Check it out...

I Love You

jr raglan chinese nameLooking for a gift with 'I Love You' in Chinese characters, check out the t-shirts, shorts, jerseys, bags, mugs, buttons and more. If you need a phrase other than 'I Love you', check it out here.

Personal Name or Words for Framing

chinese framable imageWe provide high-resolution images for your name or words, such as I Love You. You can just print the one you like, then frame it. They are also perfect for a digital frame. Read more..

Get Your Personal Stamp

chinese stampChinese stamps are unique in Chinese culture, which not only have practical functions, but also are works of art themselves and an indispensable part of Chinese painting, calligraphy or your artwork. Read more...